Eureka Traffic Safety

Eureka Traffic Safety


The City of Eureka is committed to the safety of all modes of travel. Through Strategic Visioning, the Eureka City Council has chosen traffic safety as one of five focus topics and to specifically “Make streets of Eureka safe for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians”. The Eureka Traffic Safety website will help inform and engage the public on upcoming, current and completed traffic safety projects. These projects take a number of forms, including: safety campaigns, planning grants to create the footprint of a safety project, and the groundbreaking and construction of specific safety elements such as bulb-outs or pedestrian-activated rapid flashing beacons. Funding for safety projects takes many forms. The City has been successful in obtaining Safety Grants through Caltrans/Federal Highways for many projects; additionally State Active Transportation Program Grants have funded projects such as the Waterfront Trail, and in some cases local /General funds are used to fund safety elements. The City’s Transportation Safety Commission gives the public a voice to inform Council and staff on issues arising in the City. Below you will find links to recent and upcoming projects along with popup demonstrations. Please reach out to the City with any questions or concerns through email or call 707-441-4194.


Safety Demonstration Projects- The City is embarking on Transportation Safety Demonstration Projects to learn how such proposed projects can affect roadway users, and to determine general impacts before full scale implementation. Below are upcoming, current, or completed transportation demonstration projects:


Planning Projects-

Planning projects are where some projects, especially larger or more complex projects, begin their journey. Many of the transportation planning projects are funded through State Transportation Planning Grants. The planning process includes research, preliminary design, stakeholder input, and public outreach to help guide the projects. Below are some recent transportation planning projects within the City of Eureka.


Recently Completed Construction Projects

The City typically has a number of active construction projects running throughout the year. Most projects are designed/managed/constructed through the Public Works Department, including most transportation projects. Many of these transportation projects contain safety elements. The above link displays some of the recently completed construction projects throughout the City.


Projects Out to Bid – Throughout the year there are construction and or planning related projects open for bidding. Click on the above link to view the list of projects that are currently open for bid or have been recently awarded.


Projects Under Construction

Active construction projects include transportation/transportation safety, water system, sewer system, and stormwater system improvement projects.


Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program is an annual document adopted by City Council. The City of Eureka’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument used to identify needed capital improvement projects and to coordinate the financing and timing of these improvements. The primary purpose of the CIP is to assist in the orderly implementation of the broad and comprehensive goals of the City’s adopted General Plan. The CIP also aids with planning for maintenance and replacement of the City's infrastructure by establishing an orderly basis to guide local officials in making sound budget decisions. Attention is also focused on community goals, needs and capabilities to maximize the benefit of public expenditures.


Bike Plan

The Humboldt Regional Bike Plan outlines bike planning for the County and all the local agencies within. Additionally, the City was awarded a Caltrans Planning Grant to complete a Eureka specific Bike Plan in 2022. Work on the plan is expected to commence at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.


Transportation Safety Action Plan 2021-

The purpose of this Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) is to improve safety for all modes of transportation in the City of Eureka. To achieve this, the TSAP focuses on two goals: collision reduction and quality of life preservation.