Message from the City Manager

Welcome to the City of Eureka, a city that is unrivaled for the arts, Victorian architecture and outdoor recreation. Our goal as a public service organization is to be responsive and approachable, prioritizing team building and maintaining collaborative relationships with the community, businesses, service organizations and other governmental agencies. We are a progressive and forward-thinking city looking for “outside the box” programs for all city services.

Eureka is an extremely caring community made up of people who volunteer countless hours and businesses who sponsor many community events and projects making this the best possible city. This support has allowed for the expansion and renovation of the City’s parks and trails networks and the creation of many events and programs that contribute to the community’s quality of life.

Miles Slattery was appointed as Eureka’s Interim City Manager in July of 2020. Prior to his appointment, Miles served as Eureka’s Community Services Director.  He was hired in 2006 and previously held the positions of Project Manager and Deputy Public Works Director.  Throughout a 24 year career in local government he has implemented and served on teams that created innovative and collaborative service models in the construction of public facilities, economic development, golf course management and unique social services programming.

Duties and Responsibilities: Serves as the chief administrative officer of the City of Eureka, and is responsible to the City Council for the effective administration of all affairs of the City as outlined by the City Charter; attends all meeting and sessions of the City Council; recommends for adoption by the City Council such measures as deemed necessary or expedient; ensures that all laws, ordinances, and policies of the City Council are faithfully executed; prepares and submits to the City Council such reports as may be required by that body and as he may deem advisable to submit; keeps the Council and the community fully advised of the financial condition of the City and prepares a preliminary annual budget for consideration by the City Council.


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