How do grants work?

Grant funding opportunities are provided by outside agencies such as Federal, State, Local, and Private Organizations through a competitive application process.  Each grant opportunity has its own unique project guidelines respective to the funding organization’s desired outcomes.  Funding organizations seek out the strongest and most impactful projects which utilize funding to their best ability.  Through the highly competitive and complex application process, applicants must propose their plan, how the money will be spent, and how it is going to serve the desired outcomes of the funding agency.  Grants are symbiotic between the funder who wants to support a public cause and the recipient who can carry out the project if awarded funding.  Grant funding awards do not need to be repaid.

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1. Why are grants needed?
2. How do grants work?
3. Why can’t grant money be used for other needed projects around the city like paving streets or updating sewer or water infrastructure?
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5. What can I do to help?