Does my exemption last forever?

No, it expires June of every year and requires a new affidavit to be submitted.

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1. Did I miss the exemption period if I missed the application due date?
2. Does my exemption last forever?
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4. Can I use the affidavit from a previous year and change the date range myself?
5. Can I use this program if my property is vacant?
6. I do not use my Recology bins and I am not exempt. Can I receive a refund or prorate?
7. Can I be exempt but still have a green waste bin?
8. I generate a lot of waste and it is cheaper to self-haul it than pay Recology. Can I be exempt?
9. Why does Eureka have mandatory waste and recycling service?
10. My property was exempt and then a tenant moved in and set up service. After they move out, does my exemption resume?