What can I do to help?

There are a number of ways that community members can be part of the process.

  • Share your thoughts and be an active participant in the community outreach process.  Attend a meeting or complete an online survey to let staff know what is important to you about a project.  Your input, along with others from the community, is what helps drive a project’s conceptual design.
  • Tell a friend or neighbor about the project and upcoming community outreach opportunities in your neighborhood.  Social media is an easy, efficient way to do this.
  • Volunteer to help during the project.  City staff will share any opportunities where volunteers are needed.  It could be preparing a space for work to begin, painting or spreading wood chips, it all depends on the project.
  • Spend some time and enjoy it!  Once a project is complete, using the park on a regular basis helps deter negative activities such as vandalism and graffiti.  This also helps create a positive, safe environment and changes the general perception of the park.
  • Help protect our new community investment by communicating any issues you encounter to City staff.  For maintenance or equipment concerns, contact Community Services at 707-441-4241.  For safety concerns or to report criminal activity, contact the Eureka Police Department at 707-441-4060.  We want to take care of our investment so it can be shared with future generations.

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5. What can I do to help?