Why are grants needed?

Grants are an important source of funding for City parks and trails projects.  The City of Eureka has limited financial resources that it is able to dedicate to improvement projects.  A majority of the services that the City provides its citizens are funded by various taxes and fee revenue.  This general fund fluctuates every year due to the economy and a number of other external factors.  When City revenue is less than City expenditures, there is less funding available to provide services, and reductions are made to keep the City’s budget balanced.  Grant programs help fill the funding gap for projects which the City’s general fund revenue cannot support and provide opportunities that would otherwise be fiscally impossible.  Grants can also provide economic benefit to communities as local companies and businesses are most often utilized for the project in areas such as design services, construction and / or providing supplies.

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1. Why are grants needed?
2. How do grants work?
3. Why can’t grant money be used for other needed projects around the city like paving streets or updating sewer or water infrastructure?
4. How are projects chosen? My neighborhood park could really use some improvements.
5. What can I do to help?