Who is RCHDC?

Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation (RCHDC) is a nonprofit dedicated to providing decent and affordable housing to low- and moderate-income persons in rural northern California. We strive to be a strong, dynamic, and flexible organization; effective at achieving our mission through our efforts and partnerships both public and private. RCHDC has developed over 700 units and manages over 1,400 units of multi-family affordable housing for individuals and families, elderly, and special needs populations. This extensive organizational history exemplifies our experience and capacity for developing and owning affordable housing. Throughout the last 7 years, RCHDC has expanded its knowledge of Housing First Principles as evidenced by our successful collaborations with the Counties of Siskiyou, Mendocino, Lake, Tehama, and Humboldt to develop five No Place Like Home developments for people experiencing homelessness and/or serious mental illness.

 RCHDC’s approach to developing affordable housing in the City of Eureka will be driven by the needs of the local community. To understand and plan for a project that meets those needs, we focus on five essential components – building a project-specific team, ensuring community involvement and integration, knowing the market and target population, assessing the built environment possibilities, and matching the appropriate funding sources. We look forward to expanding housing opportunities in the beautiful City of Eureka.

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1. What is the project timeline?
2. Who is RCHDC?
3. What was the impetus for this project?
4. What is the City's Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)?
5. How is Eureka doing in terms of RHNA goals?
6. What is considered affordable housing?