What is the project timeline?

We are currently at the very beginning of the planning process, with an initial public meeting planner for November 15, 2023, and an online survey recently released, to give feedback on public priorities for the project prior to development of a conceptual design. After the initial meeting occurs and survey results are analyzed, one or more conceptual design(s) will be drafted and will be brought to a future City Council meeting for feedback from Council and the public, and then a final design will be taken to the City's Design Review Committee for Design Review approval.  Once Design Review approval is secured, RCHDC may apply to the City for building permits to construct the project. Per the City's agreement with RCHDC, a minimum of three public meetings will be held to encourage public input on the project prior to RCHDC applying for a building permit.

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1. What is the project timeline?
2. Who is RCHDC?
3. What was the impetus for this project?
4. What is the City's Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)?
5. How is Eureka doing in terms of RHNA goals?
6. What is considered affordable housing?