Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Animal overpopulation is a huge problem in our community. Even well-intentioned breeders cannot predict what will happen to an animal after it has gone to a new home, and many of these dogs end up in the animal shelter. Many dogs are very difficult to place, either due to breed, size, temperament, health, or age. It is your responsibility to help prevent this problem.

Spaying/neutering also causes your dog to experience less stress, decreases the risk of many diseases and cancers, and may prolong your dog's life. It also creates a more obedient, even-tempered, less aggressive, and happier pet, which is less likely to run away.

If you need assistance accessing spay or neuter services for your pet, there are several local programs that may be able to defray most of the cost. For more information, please contact our office, your veterinarian, or visit the Humboldt Spay / Neuter Network website or call them at 707-442-7729.

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