Will participating landowners increase their liability by participating?

You should consult with your legal counsel to evaluate your particular liability situation.  Participation in the project may increase your liability.  Commercial/industrial properties typically require a Phase I and possibly a Phase II investigation as part of any real estate transaction.  Participation in the project is free to eligible landowners/properties and therefore you could save these potential future costs by participating in the project.  Landowner environmental liability should decrease once properties are cleared by conducting either a Phase I or a Phase II.

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1. What is a Brownfield?
2. What will the grants be used for?
3. Why redevelop these sites?
4. Are there brownfield sites in Eureka?
5. How are sites inventoried and prioritized?
6. How do I participate?
7. Am I required to get a Phase II done or can I just get a Phase I to find out if there might be an environmental issue on my property?
8. Does a Phase I involve permitting or ground disturbance?
9. How long does it take to complete Phase Is and IIs?
10. What are the regulatory risks associated with taking part in the City of Eureka Brownfields project?
11. If a regulatory case file is opened as a result of the findings of a Phase II investigation, are there any funding sources available to cover costs?
12. Will participating landowners increase their liability by participating?