Apply for a Building permit

To apply for an over the counter building permit click HERE

Examples of an over the counter building permit:

  1. Re-roof: commercial or residential
  2. HVAC: replacement or new installation (energy compliance documents may be required)
  3. Water or Gas Line replacement
  4. Upper Sewer Laterals
  5. Hot Water Heater Replacement
  6. Residential Siding Repair or Replacement
  7. Residential Window Replacement (no change to size or operation)
  8. Residential Rewire or Electrical Service Replacement or upgrade to 200amps 
  9. Gas or Wood Burning Stove Installations
  10. Kitchen or Bathroom alterations that are like for like: no changes to existing layout and no structural or non-structural changes to walls. (Must sign kitchen and/or bathroom alteration form)  
  11. Deck repair or replacement less than 500SF (please submit a site plan or satellite image of the residence showing location of the deck along with a detailed scope of work) 

To apply for a residential building permit click  HERE

Examples of a residential building permit:

  1. Residential Remodels
  2. Additions
  3. New Construction
  4. ADU’s or JADU’s
  5. Fire Sprinklers
  6. Demolition
  7. Grading
  8. Solar
  9. Deck Repair or Replacement over 500SF 

To apply for a commercial building permit click  HERE

Examples of a commercial building permit:

  1. New Construction
  2. Tenant Improvements
  3. Commercial Additions
  4. Fire Sprinklers or Alarms 
  5. Demolition
  6. Grading
  7. Accessibility Improvements 
  8. Signs
  9. Commercial Solar

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