Ride Along Program

The Ride-Along Program allows the people to get an inside look into the work that our officers do on a daily basis, and is a great experience for anyone who has questions regarding law enforcement. Throughout your ride-along you will respond to calls for service with your assigned officer, and see the inner workings of our departments operations. Ride-alongs are recommended to those interested in law enforcement in any capacity, and those that are interested in the work that our officers do within the City of Eureka. 

The Sit-Along Program is a great opportunity to see the inside of our dispatchers and support personnel's duties. Sit-Alongs can be done with our dispatch personnel or our records personnel. Throughout your dispatch sit-along you will get to observe calls for service as they come into our communications center, and see the process of dispatching police, fire, and medical personnel to calls for service. This experience is highly recommended for anyone interested in a sworn or non-sworn position here at the Eureka Police Department.

If you are interested in partaking in a our Ride-Along/Sit-Along program please fill out the application below

Email completed applications to: EPDRidealong@eurekaca.gov


  • Being under 15 years of age

  • Prior criminal history (automatic disqualification if applicant has any felony convictions)

  • Pending criminal action

  • Pending lawsuit against the department

  • Denial by any supervisor

  • Active warrants

Suitable Attire:

Any person approved to ride along is required to be suitably dressed in a collard shirt, blouse or jacket, slacks or jeans and closed toe shoes. Sandals, tank tops, shorts and ripped or torn blue jeans are not permitted. The Watch Commander or field supervisor may refuse a ride along to anyone not properly dressed. 

For more information please view the application below.

Ride Along Application