Weed & Rubbish Abatement

Weed Control Program Details 

Successful weed control requires the efforts, cooperation, and collaboration of city departments, residents, and other government agencies.Weeds in Street Gutter

Weed control provides: 

  • Fire safety
  • Nice looking neighborhoods
  • Clean streets
  • Reduces street flooding
  • Healthy living

More information about weeds and other invasive plants of California can be found on the website of the California Invasive Plant Council

Weeds growing along the curb line, in planter strips, and along sidewalk joints are a continual problem in every city including Eureka. In addition to making the city look unkempt and uncared for, allowing weeds to grow in street gutters and sidewalk areas creates additional hazards for homeowners and other residents.

Whose job is it?

Contrary to what many residents believe, the responsibility for maintaining sidewalks, park strips and gutters falls to the owner of the adjacent property according to both state and local laws. Maintenance responsibility includes repair or replacement of damaged or displaced concrete, abatement of weeds or debris, and trimming of shrubs to keep the area free of hazards. In an example of “many hands make light work”, keeping our sidewalks and gutters looking good and functioning right can only be done if each owner takes responsibility for the area adjacent to their property.

Why are weedy gutters and sidewalk obstructions a problem?

Weeds and debris that accumulate along curb lines create an obstruction can interrupt the normal flow of water into storm drains creating flooding and other problems. Allowing weeds to grow in sidewalk cracks, or hedges and other vegetation to encroach on the sidewalk from adjacent yards creates trip hazards which can hamper the ability of residents, especially those with disabilities, from safely moving about the community.

What needs to be done?

As fall approaches, residents are reminded to perform the following maintenance tasks adjacent to their property:

  • Remove all weeds and accumulated debris from street gutters
  • Remove weeds growing along joints or cracks in the sidewalks. Remember, our storm system drains directly to Humboldt Bay. Although commercial herbicides work, a mixture of vinegar and salt will successfully control weeds without impacting water quality or aquatic life.
  • Trim back hedges and vegetation to ensure a minimum of six (6) feet of clear sidewalk area. Wheelchairs should be able to travel the sidewalk without detouring around vegetation and other obstructions.
  • Regularly inspect sidewalks for defects such as decay or separation of concrete panels and make repairs as necessary.
  • Contact the City of Eureka Public Works Department before beginning any repairs within the right-of-way including replacing sidewalk panels.

Our weed control program encompasses a proactive approach to maintain a controlled weed environment as well as responding to resident’s observations and concerns.  

Undeveloped Right-of-Ways

  • City owned property, parks, and open space is maintained by the city. Our maintenance program is supported by Public Works and the Community Services Department with various field staff. 
  • Property owners are responsible to provide clear and unobstructed access in adjacent alleys. We notify and enforce compliance of these issues.

Roadway or Median Islands

  • We maintain and eradicate weeds located on roadways and median islands by utilizing mechanical and hand weeding and only use sprayed herbicides as a last measure and follow our City’s IPM measures in accordance with approval from the County Department of Health. Sidewalk Vegetation Obstruction

Sidewalk Access Blocked

  • Property owners are responsible to provide clear and unobstructed access to the sidewalks adjacent their property. We notify and enforce compliance of these issues.

Private Property

  • Code Enforcement, 707-441-4255
  • The Code Enforcement Division works in partnership with residents to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living environment by informing and enforcing the removal of hazardous weeds on private developed property.

Please note that rubbish and removal of rubbish follows a similar abatement approach.

For further information on the city’s weed abatement program, please see Chapter 94 of the city code in the tab below.

Neighborhood Beautification

The Neighborhood Beautification Program is here to help you become a steward of your neighborhood. Our goal is to strengthen our neighborhoods by supporting volunteers to work together to maintain and beautify our streets contributing to a sense of pride and connection. We can support cleanup efforts of public property in your neighborhood by providing supplies and disposal of weeds and trash.

You can learn more here: https://www.empowereureka.org/beautify-eureka

Mini Grant

The City of Eureka has developed a Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program. The Purpose of the program is to provide small grants for volunteers to complete projects in their neighborhoods. The goal of the program is to help create awareness and enthusiasm for residents while they take ownership of their neighborhood, empowering and engaging our community.  

 The program can fund community outreach efforts, special events like trash cleanups and block parties, and even neighborhood identity efforts like little free libraries.

 CPTED Grants

The Eureka Police Department and the Code Enforcement and Building Department jointly offer the Façade Improvement Rebate and CPTED Grant Program.

 Eligible Upgrades

The following list is not conclusive but will give an idea of façade and property upgrades that are eligible for grant funding. All proposed upgrades must be shown to improve community appearance, actively reduce or deter crime, or otherwise promote the general wellbeing of the neighborhood.

  • Exterior Painting
  • Decorative façade treatment
  • Signage
  • Fascia, canopies, awnings, parapets
  • Screening of roof-mounted equipment that is visible from the street
  • Landscaping and streetscaping that relates directly to the positive image of the building
  • Security camera system installation
  • After-market window treatments to prevent breakage
  • Exterior lighting that is downward facing
  • Dumpster security, consolidation, and screening

Learn more here: https://www.eurekaca.gov/760/CPTED-Grants