Coastal Vacation Dwelling Units

For the Coastal portion of the City, a Vacation Dwelling Unit (VDU) is the rental of an entire dwelling unit, which includes areas for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation, to guests for 30 consecutive days or less. 

A VDU is different from a lodging house or a bed and breakfast inn, because a VDU is rented in its entirety, whereas lodging houses and bed and breakfast inns rent individual rooms. Contact Development Services – Planning for information about applying for a lodging house or bed and breakfast inn proprietor.

For the Inland portion of the City, a Vacation Rental (VR) is an entire residence or a portion of a residence, such as one bedroom or a futon in a home office, which is rented to guests for 30 consecutive days or less. Click HERE  for information about Vacation Rentals in the Inland Zone.

Follow the instructions in  Item 2 How do I find out whether my site is Coastal or Inland? above to locate your site on the interactive zoning map.

Once you have found your address, in the upper right-hand corner click the icon which looks like a stack of papers.

Then, click the triangle next to “Land Use and Zoning” to expand the drop-down menu and click the box to the left of “Zoning Current (Coastal Zone Only)”. Your selections should look like this:pic 2

The colors on the map denote different zone districts, and somewhere on the map, close to your site, should be an abbreviation for your zone district.

Vacation Dwelling Units (VDUs) are principally permitted (meaning you will only need a VDU permit from us) in the following zone districts: 

  • RS – One-Family Residential
  • RM – Multi-Family Residential
  • OR – Office and Multi-family Residential
  • CN – Neighborhood Commercial
  • CS – Service Commercial

If you are in the CW - Waterfront Commercial zone see 6. What if I am in the CW Zone?

Click HERE to be directed to the Planning Apps and Forms page where you can find the application forms and instructions for all of the planning permits mentioned above.