Grace Marton Memorial Park

Picture of Lance Hardie & Grace Marton, park benefactors

The City of Eureka is excited to announce the upcoming establishment of the Grace Marton Memorial Park. This new park will be located on the grass lawn area in front of the Sacco Amphitheater and is made possible due to a generous donation by Lance Hardie and Grace Marton.

Grace and Lance made this donation to honor the many lunches they enjoyed on the waterfront together and memorialize their fondness for this area. They wished to improve this location for the community's benefit by establishing a park and gardens. Since receiving the bequest, the City of Eureka has begun the development of a waterfront-themed playground featuring a reproduced Merchant Ship handmade by Eric Hollenbeck of Blue Ox Millworks. Working with the Wildling Design Studio, a thoughtful cohesive park plan is underway. The public’s input is needed to develop this park design into a shared community vision.

Aerial picture of Project Area located between Humboldt Bay and Sacco Amphitheater

Waterfront Trail improvements and realignment are planned as part of this park project. A 50% match grant is being pursued to double the park and trail budget. This opportunity is provided by the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the application is due June 1st, 2023. The grant award will be announced September 2023.

Thank you for attending!

Thank you to the 100+ community members who joined us on April 22nd, 2023 at the Sacco Amphitheater to learn about the project and give input. We enjoyed the many families and children who got involved in park planning, enjoyed the sun, ate ice cream, and played games. We cannot wait to see this activity regularly upon establishment of the new park.

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