Eureka Newsletter

Every month, the City of Eureka creates and distributes a newsletter in order to keep citizens informed of local events and projects within the community, as well as showcase different areas of City life and work. You can view all of our Newsletters below.

To sign up for newsletters, calendar events, and city alerts, use the NotifyMe! feature. This allows you to sign up for the Newsletter and any other alerts such as news alerts, agenda items, or water shutoff notices. Simply submit your email and/or phone number to receive information on any of the topics available on the NotifyMe! page in order to sign up for alerts.

If you are interested in getting more involved with City happenings, or need to report a concern, you can create an account and manage your notifications and requests from one central location. Creating an account is the best way to stay involved with City news, but you can use the NotifyMe! feature without having an account on the website.