Special Events Permitting

Thank you for your interest in hosting a special event within the City of Eureka! The following information has been prepared to assist you in planning and meeting the necessary requirements for a safe and enjoyable event. Please submit a special event application if your event takes place on City/Public property, or if the event interferes with vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Processing Procedure Applicants are asked to submit their completed Special Event Application a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date with all of the supporting documents. This allows adequate time for the application to be routed through City departments for approval and to determine if the proposed event meets City requirements.

Applicant Requirements 

The following attachments are required from all applicants:

  • Event site/route map
  • Detailed description of event/activities that will be taking place
  • Detailed list of each type of alcoholic beverage to be served.
  • A signature sheet with the signatures of affected businesses or residents is required for all sidewalk and street blockages/ closures.
  • Certificate of liability insurance with $2,000,000 minimum coverage.
  • Insurance endorsement that names the “City of Eureka, its officers, officials, employees, and volunteers” as additional insured’s; and verification that the coverage is “primary, and the City’s coverage is non-contributory.” *Exact wording is required. 

Insurance Requests 

Please inform your insurance carrier that the City will contact them with regards to any additional needed documents, for example; Liquor Liability, Worker’s Comp, or Automotive Liability. When a carrier will not authorize the City to make these requests directly, we will email you the specifics of what is needed and you may request it from them. Electricity/Water All electrical or water needs must be noted on the application. Restrooms Temporary restrooms are necessary and required for events that are held in parks or other areas that do not have adequate restroom facilities. Garbage/ Clean-up All events are responsible for providing adequate garbage containers and for their removal. All barricades, signage, trash, and any other items associated with the event must be removed at the end of the event.

Submitting an Application 

Please make sure that your special event application is filled out in its entirety and attach all of the required documents. Applications that are incomplete or lack supporting documents will not be considered until all documentation has been received. Once completed, the application can be filled out electronically or handwritten and can be submitted by email as a pdf; econdev@eurekaca.gov, mailed or submitted in person. Please note that the hold harmless agreement and the application must be signed before a permit can be issued. Please contact the Economic Development Department if you have any questions or need clarification: 707.441.4164

Special Event Planner's Handbook 

Are you new at planning events? The Special Event Planner's Handbook offers guidance about the planning process for a successful event. 

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