Neighborhood Mini-Grants

Neighborhood Mini-Grants

The City of Eureka has developed a Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program. The Purpose of the program is to provide small grants for volunteers to complete projects in their neighborhoods. The goal of the program is to help create awareness and enthusiasm for residents while they take ownership of their neighborhood, empowering and engaging our community. The Neighborhood Grant Program will create long-term economic and social outcomes for city residents. 

Any applicant over 18, or any 501(c)3 non-profits are eligible to apply! Some examples of what we fund are:

Communications: start-up funds for designing a neighborhood website, newsletters, door-to-door canvassing, elder check-ins/care networks, bulletin boards, etc.
Outreach/Marketing: ‘New Resident’ welcome packets, neighborhood group member signage (yard, door/window decal), meeting information signage, etc.
Special Events: neighborhood block parties, cleanup events, beautification events, kids play days, etc.
Neighborhood Identity: start-up funds for brochures, information on neighborhood history, oral history project, etc.
Physical Improvements: median improvements, sidewalk planter improvements, little free boxes, community garden, public art, etc 

How it works

Eligible applicants will be asked to document their expenditures and give a report at the end of the project, which details a short summary of success and photos of the project. We cannot distribute grant funds without receipts! Please keep this in mind when applying. Some of the costs eligible for coverage are waste disposal fees, art supplies, building materials, printing and advertising, and food. Some examples of ineligible costs are alcohol, personnel, political campaigning, fuel, or personal expenses. To see the full list, please take a look at the overview document. If you believe your project meets requirements and wish to apply for the grant, fill out an application and contact Sarah West to discuss your goals! Please attach a completed application when contacting Sarah, so that she has all the details necessary to begin assisting you in the grant proposal process.

  1. Swan Asbury

    Economic Development Manager

  2. Amanda Kruschke

    Economic Development Coordinator

  3. Riley Topolewski

    Cannabis Program Manager, GIS Program Manager

  4. Sarah West

    Economic Development Coordinator