Community Programs

The Economic Development department is proud to run and host a variety of community programs. The following is an incomplete list of different programs and events to participate in throughout the community.

City Newsletter

In partnership with the City Administration department, Economic Development helps to create a citywide newsletter for citizens to keep informed of all the interesting new projects and community engagement opportunities going on across town. To get involved and see whats been going on, you can view the archives of previous newsletters or sign up to receive the newsletter via email!

Community Conversations

Each week, the City of Eureka releases a Community Conversation video, featuring short and memorable introductions to Eureka's artists, businesses, first responders, and volunteers who are responsible for extraordinary work in the City of Eureka. Twenty-five videos have been released to date. Citizens can follow the City of Eureka's Facebook or Instagram pages, or visit our youtube channel to watch them all. Community members can nominate friends, neighbors, and colleagues by emailing Visit Eureka. Tell us why your nominee is a pillar of the community, represents what's great about this city, or otherwise should be featured.

Eureka Box Art! Program

The goal of Eureka Box Art! is to use utility boxes as "canvases" for original pieces of art as well as to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the city, while deterring graffiti. Artists from around the City have worked hard to beautify our electric boxes, and you can see examples of their work on nearly every street corner. This program has been wildly successful and has created a stranger sense of community identity, deterred graffiti, and improved the cityscape.

Business of the Month

Each month, Economic Development showcases a new local business by selecting a business of the month. These businesses stand out in the City through various attributes such as their involvement in community projects and events, commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices, historic community investment, equitable business practices, unique and progressive business models or wares, and other distinguishing features that represent what the City stands for. In Eureka, it's not enough to be financially successful; our community measures success by sustainability, equability, future-oriented and historically aware practices. View the archive or nominate a business today!

Artist of the Month

The Economic Development team also chooses a monthly Artist to represent Eureka's values in much the same way as we choose a business of the month. To qualify for Artist of the Month, the artist must be newer and in need of publicity, with unique or innovative qualities that stand out among their peers. In line with our values, the artist should also have community ties, collaborations, partnerships, volunteer, or other community investments that make it clear their work is directly tied to our unique city culture and community. Their demonstration of artistic expression and creativity has stood out to others, and their contributions to Arts Alive or other artists programs or collectives in Eureka are consistent and noteworthy. To nominate an artist, fill out the form! If you have any questions about the process, please contact Swan Asbury.

Eureka is Ready

Eureka is Ready is a website dedicated to facilitating economic growth and development by providing a dedicated space for introducing Eureka to prospective businesses or those intending to do business or live in Eureka. It provides information on local resources, census data, and programs, as well as directs potential businesses to useful information such as how to apply for a business license or what to consider when opening a business.

Eureka Visitors Center

Through the Visitors Center, locals and out-of-town visitors alike can find a unique perspective on Eureka and the surrounding Humboldt County. The visitors center boasts a penny press, a reference library for local lore and information, and many resources for learning more about the area--including friendly, helpful staff! If you need ideas for exploring the area or just want to drop in to say hello, visit the Eureka Visitors center on 108 F st in historic Oldtown, Eureka.

Eureka Main Street

Eureka Main Street, also called Eureka Mainstreet, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization affiliated with both the City of Eureka and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. The primary goal of Eureka Main Street is to promote economic health in Eureka and support local businesses through facilitating collaboration, community involvement, projects and programs, and promotional events. Eureka Main Street has been responsible for organizing events such as the Holiday Open House, Arts Alive, and Small Business Saturday. To stay involved with local events and find opportunities for your business to get involved, follow Eureka Mainstreet on Instagram or Facebook.

Eureka Street Arts Festival

The Eureka Street Arts Festival is an annual festival dedicated to alternative street-based artwork. The Eureka Street Art Festival's mission is to create intentional, accessible art that enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization, and attracts visitors to eureka. Local and international artists gather for a week of mural and street art creation throughout eureka while community members watch, attend special events, shop with local vendors, and enjoy the weather. Funds raised by the festival go towards the maintenance of existing public art throughout the city, and each years festival focuses on a new area of the city overall.

Cruise Ship Tours

Eureka has recently become a destination for cruise ships, which has led to exciting new opportunities for both visitors and local hosts. Tours for cruise-ship goers are conducted by Economic Development and local businesses and attractions are encouraged to contact the Economic Development Coordinator, Johnathan Jones with questions about becoming a destination spot for these tours.

Home for the Holidays Decor Contest

This year the City of Eureka presents the Mayor’s 2nd Annual Home for the Holidays Decorating Contest, designed to spread joy and holiday cheer throughout the city. Mayor Seaman is inviting Eureka residents to decorate their homes with their best holiday décor. This is an opportunity members to drive the city to view the beautifully decorated homes in the City.Individuals who have decorated their homes in an exceptional and creative manner will be recognized for their hard work.The home with the most votes will receive the Mayor’s Holiday Award recognizing them for their contribution to bringing holiday cheer to our community.