Report a Concern

To better serve our community, the City of Eureka now offers a direct means of requesting assistance from city departments via an online tool called Request Tracker. To use this tool, please create an account using your personal email on the cities website. Once you have an account, merely log in here to create requests, check on existing requests, and respond to communications from the City. Once you've signed in to Request Tracker, select "Return to List" or "View Existing Requests" to submit a new request. Please give us as much information as possible about your concern so that we can better assist you in resolving it.

Additionally, once you have created your city account you can sign up for notifications from the city through our NotifyMe! feature. This will help to ensure you're staying up to date on the news you care about most!

As always, if your concern is urgent, please contact emergency services by dialing 911.