Community Grants

Current Programs

The City of Eureka offers grants for community members and businesses who are looking to improve the City through economic or community based strategies. The currently available grants are listed below. If you are interested in a grant that you do not see listed on our site, please contact an Economic Development Coordinator and we can help you determine whether or not it is available or feasible.

CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Our department is actively working with the Eureka Police Department and the Code Enforcement and Building Department on the Façade Improvement Rebate and CPTED Grant Program.

CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach to crime prevention that uses urban and architectural design and the management of built and natural environments. This program is intended to improve the appearance of commercial buildings within the City limits of Eureka in order to reduce crime and promote better health and wellness within the community. This initiative proposes to ensure these environmental improvements by offering financial rebates to businesses and property owners for costs associated with improvements to their buildings exteriors and landscaping. The City's CPTED team has had over twenty-five site visits with interested businesses which resulted in fresh paint, improved lighting, increased landscaping, and added security cameras. It is our hope that this program continues to support the improvement of business and property appearances throughout the city as a measure to reduce crime and increase community well-being.

Funding for this program will support upgrades for up to 40 businesses. So far, several businesses have already received funding, and our City Council has extended the program with more funding. If your business is interested in the program, see more about the Façade Improvement Rebate Program (PDF) and check out the grants page for detailed instructions on how to apply.

Neighborhood Mini-Grants

The City of Eureka has developed a Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program. The Purpose of the program is to provide small grants for volunteers to complete projects in their neighborhoods. The goal of the program is to help create awareness and enthusiasm for residents while they take ownership of their neighborhood, empowering and engaging our community. The Neighborhood Grant Program will create long-term economic and social outcomes for city residents. See additional information or apply for a grant (PDF) and check out the grant page for more details.

  1. Swan Asbury

    Economic Development Manager

  2. Amanda Kruschke

    Economic Development Coordinator

  3. Riley Topolewski

    Cannabis Program Manager, GIS Program Manager

  4. Sarah West

    Economic Development Coordinator