Strategic Plans

Economic Development Strategic Plan Update

Our department recently updated its Economic Development Strategic Plan (PDF). The updated plan outlines goals, strategies, and action items that will govern economic development staff resourcing for the next five years. 

Strategic Arts Plan

Eureka is home to a vibrant and engaged art community- a bright beacon of cultural and artistic creativity throughout the North Coast. In 2017, the City created a Strategic Arts Plan to further solidify the important role of the arts as a driver of community impact and engagement. This plan was created not only to ensure the city effectively leveraged its amazing artistic and cultural assets but to address challenges as well.

As an economic development tactic, the Strategic Arts Plan (PDF), developed in collaboration with Eureka's arts community, lays out actionable goals to support the arts with input from both the City and the community. These projects, including the Eureka Street Art Festival and the Utility Art Boxes, have become important catalysts for renewed hope and restoration- a tangible representation of an undeniable renaissance. With ever-increasing community involvement and growing momentum, the Eureka Strategic Arts Plan continues to grow and evolve.

The Strategic Arts Plan project summaries can be viewed here, and the survey summaries can be viewed here.

  1. Swan Asbury

    Economic Development Manager

  2. Amanda Kruschke

    Economic Development Coordinator

  3. Riley Topolewski

    Cannabis Program Manager, GIS Program Manager

  4. Sarah West

    Economic Development Coordinator