Coast Guard City

IMG_0797The City of Eureka has been a Coast Guard City since June 3, 2000. The men and women of Coast Guard Group/Air Station Humboldt Bay located in the 11th Coast Guard District provides the community with year-round search and rescue (SAR) capabilities since June 1977.  The City of Eureka recognizes the importance of the service the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) men and women contribute to the community and  wish to support and foster a positive and enduring relationship with USCG personnel and their families stationed in the Humboldt Bay area.  

Coast Guard Plaza along the Eureka waterfront is dedicated to all the men and women who serve and is used every day by residents and tourists.  Coast Guard park is located at Broadway and Wabash Streets and welcomes  visitors entering the City from the south. 

The City of Eureka values the Coasties and their families every day, and honors them annually in the month of August.  The City issues a Proclamation designating August as US Coast Guard Month in the City of Eureka. USCG men and women are treated to a hosted day at the zoo complete with ice-cream, free golf passes, and a Rotary hosted dinner. The annual Coast Guard vs. City of Eureka softball game is held along with a hosted barbeque by the City and Humboldt Bay Navy League.