Independent Police Auditor

The Independent Police Auditor (IPA) is an independent, third-party contractor (currently the OIR Group) who provides independent reviews of the citizen complaint process and reviewing and making recommendations regarding Police Department policies and practices to the City Manager and provides reports to the Community Oversight Police Practices Board (COPP).

Specifically, the Independent Police Auditor is responsible for the following:ipa-logo
  • Incidents where an officer uses a TASER, baton, chemical agent, less-lethal projectile, canine, firearm, or any other force resulting in an injury requiring treatment beyond minor medical care in the field;
  • EPD's handling of Supervisory Inquiry Reports; and
  • Review of City investigations of a sworn officer arising from employee complaints of discrimination, harassment or retaliation by a officer. 
  • Receives and investigates complaints from members of the public.  

Contact Information

Mike Gennaco

Community Oversight Police Practices (COPP)