Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery

Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery was established in 1861 as the first formal "burying ground" in Eureka. Previously, burials had occurred in various locations or at a plot in the Bucksport area. A board of trustees was established (the Myrtle Grove Cemetery Association) and individual lots were sold. The friends or relatives of the deceased were responsible for the upkeep of the lots. Over many years, the general appearance and level of maintenance declined and beginning in the 1940's efforts were made to make improvements. The efforts were generally unsuccessful and in 1956-59, the City of Eureka took control of the property and has since provided oversight and upkeep. In recent years, the funding and manpower available for maintenance has been constrained. In 2015, local residents led by Kirby Bradshaw-Nunn began working on cooperative efforts with the City to make improvements, identify and raise sunken headstones, document and provide information, and raise general public interest and awareness in this valuable civic resource and open space area. 

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Visit Myrtle Grove Cemetery on , Facebook or in person at 1017 Cousins Street, Eureka. The cemetery is open daily from 8:00 am - 4:00pm.

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Map of Cemetery (PDF)

Map of cemetery showing different sections.