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Eureka Alert! Community Notification System

Your safety is our top concern - that is why the City of Eureka wants to make sure you know about emergencies and incidents as they happen.

Beginning December 25, 2020, the City of Eureka will begin using the Eureka Alert! Notification System powered by Everbridge. This system replaces the current Code Red Notification system and will allow the City of Eureka to contact thousands of residents in seconds so you can find out about an emergency or event right away, receiving these important notifications via email, phone, and much more!

How Does It Work?

The process begins when the City of Eureka issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. Next, Eureka Alert! sends a message through your primary contact path. If you don't confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach your second contact path and continues trying to reach you until you confirm receipt.

How Do You Enroll for Notifications?

It's simple, as it only takes about a minute to enroll! 

Create an Account

  • Create a Username and Password
    • Please note: If you subscribe to Everbridge alerts through the County of Humboldt, you will need to choose a new username and password to sign up for City of Eureka and Humboldt Bay Fire alerts
  • Usernames must be a minimum of 4 acceptable characters. Acceptable characters are uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, period, dash (-), underscore (_), and at symbol (@). No other characters or symbols are permitted at this time.
  • Password must be 8 to 64 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number. Special characters are permitted, but limited to!@#$%^&*(). Select a security question and enter its answer
  • Enter a Registration Email Address. This address is used to send temporary passwords if you forget your credentials.
  • Accept the Terms of Use by checking the box
  • Click "Create Your Account"

Complete Your Profile

After creating your username and password, you'll be brought to a page where you can complete your profile. This is where you enter your personal information, including First Name, Last Name and Registration Email.

Next, you will select how you want to receive alerts. Options may include SMS text messages, email, mobile phones, landlines, or a mobile application for Android and iOS (see below)

You Can Register as a Resident or Business

Use your company name for first and last name if registering a business.

Enter any Locations You Care About

We send alerts based on a geographical location on a map. Insert up to five addresses within the greater Eureka Area for which you want to receive an alert if the location is affected by an incident or upcoming event.

IMPORTANT - If the address you provided is not in our database of known addresses for our jurisdiction, you will be presented with other options to add your address into this system, including a selection from a list of suggested addresses, or dropping a pin to select your location on the map (Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is required). You will not receive any location-based alerts if you do not provide a complete address.

Congratulations! Once you have finished and saved your account, you have successfully signed up.

Download the Everbridge App for Your Mobile Device

Everbridge App LogoIn partnership with thousands of public safety agencies, Everbridge offers the most trusted information available at a neighborhood level to keep residents informed - all delivered directly to your mobile device. Messages range from emergencies and crime advisories to important announcements, reminders, and community updates.

iPhone- Available at the App Store

Android- Available at Google Play

The City of Eureka Respects Your Privacy

The City of Eureka will never share or distribute your personal information unless required to do so by law. Additionally, The City of Eureka will never use your information for any purpose other than to send emergency notifications or information pertaining to the City of Eureka.