Economic Development

The Economic Development department works to create an equitable economy that gives support to our city’s diverse population. Prioritizing community revitalization, job creation, and business collaboration, the Economic Development Department strives to maintain a healthy economy that will benefit all of Eureka’s residents and its future generations. 

Our team works closely with our community to support large and small business owners, investors, developers, and entrepreneurs. Not only do we focus on promoting and retaining our city’s businesses, but we’re also recruiting new businesses that will positively contribute to our local economy. At the Economic Development department, we know Eureka’s businesses are the lifeline of our city, they feed everything else that our city does, whether it's public safety, or community services and quality of life programs, we know Eureka’s businesses are essential to the overall success of our residents and community. We are here to provide Eureka with the support and services it needs to be a place of equal opportunity. The following video is a brief visual introduction to our home:

Community Grants

The Economic Development team handles a variety of grant projects to help improve the City of Eureka through economic and community practices. Anyone interested in recommending a grant for our team to apply for can contact us directly, or check out the grants page for more information on applying to active grants.

Community Programs

Our community is the most important aspect of economic development, as it is the environment in which all else is made possible. To this end, the Economic Development team participates in and runs multiple community programs with the hope of fostering community engagement and supporting a happier, healthier, and more engaged community. If you are interested in starting a program or volunteering for a current one, please check out the program page and give us a call!


Our housing program and coordinator, Kristen Raymond, work strategically to assist residents with problems relating to housing in the City through a variety of grants, loans, and programs. Whether it's working with homeowners to apply for loans to improve the health and safety of their home, or coordinating programs that work to clean up local graffiti, Kristen Raymond does it all. Visit the housing page to learn more about your options to improve or receive assistance in all your housing needs.

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are an important aspect of Economic Development and government transparency; they give citizens an important insight into the City's committment to development and our vision for the future. Our strategic plans are divided into two areas for Economic Development; one for our department which specifies a five-year plan for our programs and goals, and one for our plan for the arts in Eureka specifically. Visit the strategic planning page to learn more about where we are in our development as well as where we are heading!


GIS Mapping is an important part of our commitment to transparency at the City of Eureka. Here you will find a robust archive of City data in geospatial format, both in an interactive digital environment and in a more classic, "paper" (PDF) format. If you are interested in developing as a business or property owner, the GIS Maps are essential to understand the greater context of City planning and development, and are an invaluable resource for future-oriented developers.


As the cannabis industry grows, the City of Eureka is committed to staying current and transparent in the ways it is shaping and changing our community. If you are a Cannabis business owner, are looking to get involved in the industry or would like to learn more about how the cannabis industry is effecting the economic and environmental landscape, keep an eye on our cannabis page as we develop tools and update information surrounding this industries growth in our area.

Special Events Permitting

Special events are favorite thing in Economic Development! We've coordinated and hosted a variety of events, large and small, and we are committed to helping you see all your community event dreams actualized. For information regarding special events rules and regulations, permitting, and planning, visit our special events page or contact us directly to discuss your goals!