City Manager

About the City

The City of Eureka is an unrivaled rural gem for fine arts, Victorian architecture, and outdoor recreation. People from around the world visit the City of Eureka to experience our unique small town feel with its combination of majestic historic architecture and freshly painted street murals. Craft dining experiences go hand-in-hand with one of a kind shopping trips, and you never have the same day twice. As a resident there is always something new to discover, and as a visitor you will experience a different world altogether. 

Our goal as a municipality and public service organization is to be responsive and approachable in a dynamic and active community. We work internally to prioritize team building and maintain collaborative relationships with the community, businesses, service organizations, and other governmental agencies. We are a progressive and forward-thinking city striving to implement innovative programs for all city services.

Eureka is composed of an extremely caring local community, made up of people who volunteer countless hours of their time on city projects, and local businesses who sponsor many community events. This support has allowed for the expansion and renovation of the City's parks and trail networks, as well as the creation of many events and programs that contribute to the community's quality of life. Most programs within the city are grass-roots programs that would not survive without the continued investment and support from community members. City-led programs and projects are created and maintained with the unique composition of our community in mind. For more information about where we are headed, visit the Strategic Vision Plan linked below.

A Letter from the City Manager

As the City Manager, I act as the voice for Eureka. I am responsible for leading and implementing the city functions that help improve the quality of life for our community members. Our administrators go above and beyond to be as transparent as possible. We want to see Eureka thrive and we always encourage feedback. To better understand the concerns of our community, we are working closely with community members to hear what their needs are. Creating a space to have these conversations allows us to consider what is in the best interest of Eureka. Our team identifies the needs within our own community and creates programs to respond to those needs. 

We actively work to represent all populations in our dedicated service to Eureka. Economic development is a main focus in our search for local opportunities for growth. With the implementation of community programs like Uplift EurekaCAPE, and Empower Eureka, we are working towards improving our residents’ quality of life through social development, improved health, crime prevention, and increased sense of community.