Guns on a TableThe Eureka Police Department is charged with the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws, and with providing 24-hour protection of the lives and property of the public. The main objective of the Patrol Section is to provide a high level of safety and service to the citizens of Eureka. It is our mission to direct all energies and resources towards maintaining the health, welfare, and safety of not only the citizens of Eureka, but its visitors as well.

Staffed by six sergeants and twenty-four field officers, our Patrol Section is responsible for approximately eighteen square miles inside the city limits of Eureka. This includes one officer that is assigned to foot/bike patrol duties in the Old Town district adjacent to Humboldt Bay and one officer that is assigned to the school district as a School Resource Officer. We work four ten-hour watches and are assigned to policing teams. The Eureka Police Department is progressive in its operations and the patrol vehicles are equipped with Mobile Data Computers (MDC).