Utilities Operations

Water Treatment Montage

The Utilities Operations Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the City's potable water treatment and storage facilities, and the City wastewater treatment facilities. The goal of the Division is to protect public health and the environment while providing responsive and efficient service to the citizens of Eureka.

The City's water treatment and storage facilities include 22.3 million gallons of storage reservoirs, and four potable water boost stations which serve the City's four pressure zones.

The wastewater treatment facilities serve the City of Eureka and the adjacent Humboldt Community Services District. They include a 5.2 million gallon per day (average dry weather flow) treatment plant utilizing the trickling filter / solids contact process, three large pumping stations, 139 acres of wetlands that are maintained as wildlife habitat, and 98 acres of biosolids reclamation site.

Division support activities include process control, preventive and corrective maintenance, an ELAP certified environmental laboratory, industrial source control, public education, and administrative support.

The Division is manned by six certified treatment plant operators, three certified laboratory technicians, seven journey-level maintenance technicians, a pretreatment coordinator, and management / administrative support staff.

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