Water Connection Permits

A water service connection is required for any new construction or any existing building if the service does not meet the current demand. The process for a water connection begins when an applicant visits the Engineering Division.

The initial paperwork can normally be done over the counter. The actual installation will be done by the Public Works - Water Distribution division and will occur within 2 to 4 weeks.

Each applicant who applies for connection of any building or premises to the City water system, or replacement of water service connection with one of larger size, shall, prior to issuance of the permit, pay to the City a water service connection fee. Water service connection fees are established to maintain and upgrade the existing City's water system. Current water service connection fees are listed below. Contact the Engineering Division at 707-441-4194 to determine the correct fees for your needs.

The water service connection fee includes all the materials from the main, up to and including the water meter and meter box. The connection from the meter to the building is the obligation of the applicant and is normally done by contracting with a licensed plumber. A plumbing permit must also be obtained from the Building Division before making this connection.

Fee Schedule 2020 / 2021

Six-inch and eight-inch meters shall be furnished by the applicant and shall be subject to City approval.

Installation fees vary since the water main is on one side of the street; the lower amount applies if installation is near the water main and the higher fee applies if installation is on the far side of the street.


If the applicant has existing water service and wishes to increase the service size, the fees are calculated as follows:

The difference in the meter charges plus the full installation charge plus the difference in the capital connection fee.


Fees for service relocations of the same size are calculated as the installation charge only.


Fees for manifold water services are calculated as follows:

The meter charge, times the number of meters, plus the installation charge for the single lateral size, plus the capital connection fee for the single lateral size, plus time and materials including 20% overhead for the installation of the manifold connections. This additional charge for the manifold installation will be calculated by the Public Works department and billed by the Finance Department after completion of the manifold installation.

Fire Service

Fire service connections must be separate from other water service connections and must be fitted with a back-flow prevention device. The fee for a fire service connection is cost plus 20% regardless of the size. The back-flow prevention device must be supplied by the owner and approved by the Fire Department.