Encroachment Permits

Sidewalk ClosedStarting Tuesday August 30th, 2022 the City of Eureka Engineering Division will be receiving and issuing Encroachment Permits online ONLY via the OpenGov website. We will no longer be accepting paper Encroachment Permit applications after Wednesday August 31st, 2022.

Encroachment Permits will be found in the Engineering - Public Works section of the home page for Eureka's "New" Online Permit Center.

As a permit applicant, you will first need to sign up for a free OpenGov account.  From there you will be able to apply for permits, upload documents, view the status of a permit, pay fees, and even communicate with Engineering staff about any questions pertaining to Encroachment Permits or the permitting process. If applying for a contractor, please fill out "Applicant Name" as the Business/Entity.  If applying as a homeowner, please use the homeowner's name.

Before an Encroachment Permit may be issued, each person performing work within the City right-of-way, shall furnish to the City of Eureka Engineering Division, Certificate(s) of Insurance and Endorsement(s) as described in the "Insurance Requirements for City Of Eureka PDF", or such other insurance requirements as prescribed by the Division.  Along with purchasing a business license from the City of Eureka Finance Department. 

In order for us to make this transition to an online permitting system as smooth as possible, we ask that you have these documents ready to upload at the time of applying.

NOTE: Providing insurance documents which are acceptable to the City can take several weeks.  An encroachment permit WILL NOT be issued until all insurance documents are acceptable to the Engineering Division, and no work may be done within a City right-of-way until an encroachment permit has been issued.

The Applicant shall describe the work to be done and indicate the proposed work area.  If excavating within a City right-of-way, all existing utilities shall be shown on a site plan.  An encroachment permit allows closure of a sidewalk and parking lane, and may allow closure of an alley, if approved.  Any encroachment into any driving lane requires advance authorization and an approved Traffic Control Plan.

The standard Encroachment Permit fee is $200.  The Encroachment Permit fee for monitoring wells & soil borings is $300 for the Applicant plus $100 for each additional contractor.  The Encroachment Permit fee is payable after the insurance for the Applicant (and each additional contractor, if any) has been approved.  DO NOT SEND A CHECK IN THE MAIL. 

Please call 707-441-4194 for more information.  Please call 707-441-4207 for all questions related to insurance.

Encroachment Permit Application

Sidewalk Café Encroachment Permit Information & Application

During the COVID-19 restrictions, many restaurants and cafés are offering outdoor dining. If you plan on offering outdoor sidewalk dining, please open and read the links below that provide information on rules and policies as it pertains to the Sidewalk Café Encroachment Permit process. Your completed Encroachment permit can be emailed to engineering@eurekaca.gov

If you are inquiring about offering outdoor dining within a City parking lot or right-of-way, please contact Jeff Raimey at Facilities Operations.

Photo of Sidewalk cafe

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