Eureka Waterfront Trail

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Map of Artistic Benches

Map of Artistic Benches

Making Artistic Benches for the Waterfront Trail

Ink People & City of Eureka Awarded California Arts Council

"Creative California Communities" Grant

State funds will leverage local arts project to address community needs

Eureka, CA - The California Arts Council announced its plans to award $90,000 to the Ink People and City of Eureka as part of its Creative California Communities program. The program supports collaborative projects that harness arts and culture as a creative placemaking strategy. Projects will benefit residents and visitors by utilizing area artists, cultural organizations and arts-related businesses to address community needs or priorities.

With support from the California Arts Council, Ink People will partner with the City of Eureka in Reviving the HeARTbeat of Eureka's Waterfront. It will address healthy lifestyle, transportation and public safety issues, and its integration of arts and culture will celebrate, challenge and define local identity through eight very special interactive artist benches/sculptures to be spaced along the length of the Eureka Waterfront Trail. Grant funding will also be used to initiate a community cultural celebration as a grand opening event for the Eureka Waterfront Trail.

"The transformative nature of the Creative California Communities program is so powerful. It's thrilling to see grantees use the arts and creative expression to reinvigorate spaces, and by extension, area residents and visitors," said California Arts Council Chair Donn K. Harris. "The potential a creative placemaking project like Reviving the HeARTbeat of Eureka's Waterfront has to inspire and rejuvenate a community is truly immeasurable."

The Ink People is a community-based, grassroots, artist-run, arts and culture organization that changes lives by connecting the community with resources for cultural development. The City of Eureka will play an important role in this placemaking partnership. Through the Parks and Recreation Department, the City will fund the research and development of the interpretive elements which will determine the themes used in the design directive for the placemaking project.

Eureka Trailblazers: The True Story of the Eureka Waterfront Trail

Travel the Eureka Waterfront Trail From the Air  

This amazing drone footage covers the entire 6.3 miles of the trail.  Special thank you to Chad Johnson for the video!

The Eureka Waterfront Trail - Phase by Phase

History is being made, as the City of Eureka proudly announces that plans have been solidified and funding has been secured to begin construction of the Eureka Waterfront Trail. With a tentative completion date of 2018, this trail will offer members of the community the opportunity to walk, bike, or run from one end of the city to the other. With endless wildlife, recreational, interpretive, and transportation opportunities, this community milestone is sure to change the face of our community. The Eureka Waterfront Trail will be divided up into the following phases, which when connected, will make up the 6.3-mile contiguous trail.

The Hikshari' Trail Open to the public in 2012, this 1.5-mile stretch of bayfront trail begins at Elk River Parkway and runs all along the bay to the foot of Truesdale. Drawing people from all over Humboldt County to hike, bike, run, paddle, and picnic, the Hikshari' Trail is an ideal location for bird watching and is the home to several Explore Eureka Outdoor Recreation Programs. The trail also features interpretive signage covering marsh reconstruction, migrant and vagrant bird species in the willow patches, Humboldt Bay geology, railroad history, Wiyot village life, Elk River sandspit formation, and marine life, dune plant ecology, and plant and animal identification.

Trail Postcard

Phase A Picking up where the Hikshari' ends at Truesdale St., this next phase will run behind the Bayshore Mall and along Humboldt Bay to the foot of Del Norte Street, landing right at the Del Norte Street Fishing Pier. This phase of the trail will also feature a variety of wildlife viewing, interpretative and recreational opportunities; including outdoor fitness equipment periodically placed throughout the trail.

Phase B Running directly adjacent to Railroad Avenue and Waterfront Drive, this portion of the Waterfront Trail begins at Del Norte Street and ends at the foot of C Street, providing visitors with the unique experience of running, jogging, or walking along the Eureka marina and beautiful downtown Eureka Boardwalk.

Phase C The final phase of the Eureka Waterfront Trail is located along the south shore of North Humboldt Bay, north of Highway 255, and then follows the south side of the Eureka Slough, passing underneath the bridge decks of Highway 101, providing the only alternative route in the City for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles to cross U.S. 101 without having to physically attempt to cross through traffic, eventually ending at Tydd Street. This phase will also feature a variety of wildlife, interpretation and recreational opportunities!