Harbor Division

BoardwalkThe Harbor Program is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the City's Public Marina and maintenance of other waterfront property and structures including Samoa Bridge Boat Ramp, Bonnie Gool Guest Dock, K Street Dock, J Street Dock, F Street Dock, Dock B, the Waterfront Boardwalk, Eureka Waterfront Trail and Del Norte Street Pier. In addition, this program is responsible for maintenance projects at the EDA fish plant and Samoa Bridge Boat Ramp restrooms. Harbor also oversees the maintenance of PALCO Marsh and other City-owned wetland areas. The Waterfront Revitalization Program also operates out of the Harbor and involves planning, coordination, and review of twelve waterfront projects including dock reconstructions and others.

The Eureka Public Marina includes 150 boat moorage slips that accommodate vessels from 20 to 70 feet in length. The Marina Office is located at the west end of the complex in the Wharfinger Building. The Marina is located within walking distance to the Old Town and Downtown areas including restaurants, stores, and U.S. Post Office. Marina tenants can receive their mail and packages directly at the Marina Office.