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Eureka Youth Council is a unique program designed to give Eureka teens the opportunity to learn about local city government while working on projects that can have a positive impact on the community. If you’re interested in applying for the Eureka Youth Council 2023 term, applications and interviews will be opening in Spring 2023 and the term will begin August 2023. If you have any questions or want to be placed on an interest list, you can email Jim Thomas

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  1. Deadline to apply to Eureka Youth Council 2023/2024 term is Friday, May 26, 2023.

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    Please try to answer the following questions in complete sentences and tot eh best of your ability with short but well-thought-out answers. NOTE: The City of Eureka does not require any prior government related classes or knowledge - applications for this program are open to all who meet the basic geographical location and age requirements. Good luck and thank you for applying to be a member of the Eureka Youth Council 2023/2024.

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Picture of Youth Council Participants in 2022

The 2022 Eureka Youth Council was made up of six members joining us from Eureka High School, Zoe Barnum High School and St. Bernard’s Academy. Pictured from left to right are Asher Russo, Solveig Lyssand, Kate Fazio, Alexandra Nelson, Rory Bickmore, and Rafael Hernandez.

Through this program selected members have the opportunity to engage with local leaders and feel empowered, while at the same time evolving their critical thinking skills and developing the civic leadership skills needed to represent their generation. The 2022 Eureka Youth Council was a one-year term and ran from January to December. During this time Youth Council will also develop and execute three major projects, with the purpose of addressing a community cause or concern. Youth Council then has the honor of presenting their project efforts to the Eureka City Council at a scheduled monthly meeting.

The 2022 Youth Council’s first project was to create and develop a video public service announcement regarding recycling contamination awareness and prevention.

Then, the Youth Council created a survey intended to help frame a better understanding of how local youth currently live, learn, work, and play in our community, and what could be improved or implemented to provide a higher quality of life in the city. Results of the survey led to the final project of the year, which was a PSA to spread the word about food insecurities and encourage local citizens to donate to the Food for People Holiday Food Drive.  

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2020 Term Youth Council

Eureka Youth Council Spring 2020

Christina Smith, Stella Saba, Tristan Greene, Gwendolyn Parsons